Top 10 Signs That You Are A Computerholic

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Computers are addictive with the introduction of messenger, social media websites and other applications that get people roused up. People should be aware of signs and should stop while they still can.


1. Washroom breaks with computer:

Many people cannot live without the computer. It only becomes a problem once you need the computer when you go to the washroom. As you sit on the toilet, you play a game on Facebook, check your emails and maybe chat with friends. There are some individuals who do work inside the washroom as well.


2. Falling asleep at the computer:

One person who got interviewed said she is a procrastinator. She would spent hours studying and using the computer for everything imaginable. She would often fall asleep on the keyboard, leaving marks on her face.


3. Neglect:

Shannon Johnson was charged for neglecting her 13 month old son who was taking a bath in the bathroom. She was too busy playing CafeWorld on the computer. It looks like the life of her own child was worth less than a game on Facebook.


4. Playing Games:

I know one individual who played a game called World of Warcraft every chance he got. He would skip school, in order to build on his mastery skills at the game. Sadly, mastering the skills on computer will not help anyone find jobs in the real world.


5. Watching porn:

Married men who utilize the computer to increasingly watch porn are also computerholics in my book. For example, a recent article was written about a churchgoing chauffeur who is 62 and married for 38 years. He used the computer to access porn that crashed his computer. Oops.


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