Top 10 Signs That You Are A Computerholic

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6. Chatting:

You are family person, but you go into the chatroom to talk to other people, including the people of the opposite sex. Rodney Jackson killed his wife Kelly Parsley Jackson in front of their daughter for chatting too much and for not paying attention to him. She was chatting mostly with other men, according to Rodney.


7. Constantly checking:

When you are using the computer to constantly check the status of Facebook or other social media, you are definitely an addict.


8. Waiting for people to arrive:

One friend of mine is very desperate. He sits on msn, Facebook and other messengers all day. As soon as I am on, he messages me. He says hi and he wants to talk. He sometimes even predicts when I will be on. Scary!


9. Net compulsions:

Compulsive gambling and betting is also considered computer addictions.


10. Cybersex addictions:

Using the computer to flirt is the last one. When doing the survey, this answer stood out and was significant because it true. Using computers and internet to flirt is scary if someone does it all day.


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