Top 10 Things You’ll Never Hear A Man Say

Men are usual known for their word. You always hear the phrase, you are the ‘man of the hour’. Some men are leaders, others are followers. Many love completing tasks assigned by women, while others may absolutely hate tasks and getting their bums of their chairs.

Surveying 100 women, this article examines top 10 phrases men are known not to say, but should.


1. We never talk anymore:

Sometimes this opens up a number of cans of worms that man would prefer not to open. When saying that ‘we never speak anymore’ you’re opening yourself to a number of things, most notably a fight.


2. I understand:

This applies to both genders. Never do you want to admit that you are wrong. Saying I understand means that the person is giving in.


3. Let’s watch Y&R instead of sports:

Most men cannot stand soap operas, but women do. This is one conflict both have over who watches what at what time.


4. Happy Anniversary:

Survey results showed that most men would forget anniversaries. They are usually the first to do last minute shopping and the first person to be reminded of the date. Women have better rote memory than men when it comes to memorizing important events.


5. This food tastes terrible:

As much as men may not love the cooking, they may never admit it. This may change if the situation was really bad. For example, take Jerry Seinfeld. He was dating someone who could not cook. So instead of telling his date about it, he would spit the food out into napkins. Oddly enough it is true.


6. I am wrong:

Survey results have shown that this phrase would never be said by men to women or anyone for that matter. Many men will not openly admit their mistakes. They may try to assert their superiority instead.


7. Are you losing weight?

Many men will not admit if their lady lost weight. They may just keep the information bottled up. Surveys indicated that women may snap if they heard their weight proportions were not good.


8. While I’m up can I get you something?

This rarely happens, especially coming from a man’s mouth. The wife is usually the one that prepares things at homes and does household chores. This has been her job throughout centuries in patrilineal societies. One must not forget, things are changing and men are becoming more appreciative of the home. Others wait to be served or asked before taking the initiative.


9. Pink is best:

This is commonly referred to as the colour of love. The word comes from Roseus which means rosy or pink. Pink is usually for girls and not for boys. The distinct gender uses dated back to 1868, Louis May Alcott, Little Women. Manny theories also indicate the origins to 20th century. Since then many feminists have reclaimed the colour pink, especially the Swedish Feminist Party Feminist Initiative.


10. Let me hold your purse:

Many men are not too keen to hold a purse in public. They would rather have the wife put it down rather than them being seen holding a fancy ladies purse. It’s all about preferences. I do think that some are too obsessive with this idea. However, if some sees you with a purse and standing in front of a woman, they’ll put two and two together.


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