Top 10 Reasons why Google+ is Popular

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100 million users are expected to utilize Google+ by February of 2012. By the end of 2012, Paul Allen, founder, sees 400 million users using the application by the end of 2012. So what is it about Google+ that is sparking so much attention? This article takes a look at 10 reasons why Google plus is gaining popularity and momentum.


1. Recent Improvements:

Recent improvements have been implemented. These improvements include editing streams, G+ pages and a renovated Hangouts page.


2. Integrated with Mobile Devices:

The application is now compatible with Mobile devices such as Android and Blackberries. This easily helps people access their G+ info on the web when around and about.


3. Privacy:

Google + gives more privacy than Facebook and Twitter. It allows its users to filter through who can see information on the web, specifically on Google.


4. Google Sparks:

Google Plus is gaining momentum as it filters Information that users receive. The feature sends information that relates to user interests.


5. Google +1 Button:

This also gives users a chance to share and like articles they post. This feature puts Google on the same page a Facebook and its competition.


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