Top 10 Reasons why Google+ is Popular

100 million users are expected to utilize Google+ by February of 2012. By the end of 2012, Paul Allen, founder, sees 400 million users using the application by the end of 2012. So what is it about Google+ that is sparking so much attention? This article takes a look at 10 reasons why Google plus is gaining popularity and momentum.


1. Recent Improvements:

Recent improvements have been implemented. These improvements include editing streams, G+ pages and a renovated Hangouts page.


2. Integrated with Mobile Devices:

The application is now compatible with Mobile devices such as Android and Blackberries. This easily helps people access their G+ info on the web when around and about.


3. Privacy:

Google + gives more privacy than Facebook and Twitter. It allows its users to filter through who can see information on the web, specifically on Google.


4. Google Sparks:

Google Plus is gaining momentum as it filters Information that users receive. The feature sends information that relates to user interests.


5. Google +1 Button:

This also gives users a chance to share and like articles they post. This feature puts Google on the same page a Facebook and its competition.


6. Faster uploads:

Many people face long upload process with Facebook. This is no longer the case with Google+. The option still serves the same for those who wish to upload in high resolution.


7. History:

Google Buzz was a popular social networking, microblogging tool used by cyborgs until it got shut down in 2011. Google Plus has been able to retain the customers by linking and including some of the features from Google Buzz.


8. Advantages:

There are countless of advantages Google Plus has over Facebook and many other social networking sites. For example, users can upload photos into private files before they are made public. Furthermore they are allowed to share things within specific circles and not just their friends.


9. Privacy:

People choose privacy online anytime. They will use social networks which respect what they post and not share it with employers.


10. HTML5:

Google has endorsed the new language. Many people who use Google plus on their mobiles will no longer need to download plug-ins to view things.


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