Top 10 Movie Phone Calls

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6. Memento:

Our protagonist, Leonard, possess no short term memory, so he writes down notes, takes photos, and tattoos himself so he’s able to know what to do. While on the phone, he uncovers a tattoo advising to never answer it. One of the creepiest moments in this artistic, experimental film.


7. Sorry, Wrong Number:

Barbara Stanwyck’s character cherishes her phone, her only connection to the world. One day she picks it up and, due to a crossed line, overhears two men plotting a murder (spoiler alert: it’s about her). The initial call is about as tense as film noir can get, and a huge number of films based their phone call style after this movie.


8. Star Wars:

When Han Solo et al. seek to break Princess Leia out of the prison block, our heroes disguise themselves as Imperial Storm Troopers. The dialogue on the intercom isn’t just hilarious, it was also entirely improvised. “It was a boring conversation anyway.”


9. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:

When Cameron pretends to be George Peterson so Sloane can get the day off, and Ferris rings on the other line to convince Ed Rooney it’s all legit, the scene ends with the classic “Ferris Bueller is on line two.”


10. Dr. Strangelove:

The conversation between the US and USSR Presidents is satire at its greatest. This is the phone call that all other calls wish they could be. “I am as sorry as you are, Dmitri.”


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