Top 10 Reasons Why Do Not Call List Should Be Scrapped

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Many countries like Canada, USA and Australia have implemented the national do not call list. Residents who do not want to be bothered by telemarketers register their number on a national do not call list.

Many media outlets like Vancouver Sun have reported fewer calls and fewer complaints. They cite the chairman of CRTC comment on 1/3rd decrease in complaints between 2010 and 2011. Yet, how effective is this list? This article examines top 10 reasons why the idea should be scrapped and thus is NOT effective.


1. Phonebook:

As long as there is a phonebook circulating, telemarketing calls will not stop. The phonebook never specifies who is on the DO NOT CALL list. There is no alignment.


2. International Callers:

Many telemarketers are not local. I’ve received a number of calls from people located in India for example asking me if I want duct cleaning. Do Canadian and other laws apply to international companies?


3. *67:

Many companies block their numbers. They will never tell recipients their company name if a customer is asking.


4. Fake Names:

I once was stuck working for a company that was giving free life insurance reviews to all those who want them. When a customer asked me who I represent, I told them the insurance name and agent. I got fired for telling the truth. The insurance agent told me I should have told them another “fake” name.


5. Truth?

Companies who call never tell the truth. I get calls from the captain, credit card debt alleviators etc. When I ask for their company names to complain to the DO NOT CALL LIST, they hang up on me.


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