Top 10 Reasons Why Education Comes From Practical Experience And Not Textbooks

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Practical experience provides students with hands-on experience. Textbooks, on the other hand, are outdated. Taking a stance on practical experience, the article examines 10 reasons why education comes from it and not textbooks.


1. Hands-On:

Textbooks hardly provide a multi-sensory approach to education. They usually are tailored to independent learners, and not to those who possess certain multiple intelligences such as kinesthetic, auditory etc.


2. Out-dated:

Textbooks are not always updated. Schools and Universities sometimes use textbooks which are 5+ years in age. Practical experience almost always keeps the students updated and knowledgeable about the contemporary world.


3. Complimentary:

Many teachers only use textbooks to complement their teaching methods. Textbooks are only one form or one step of the process of learning. In order for someone to be well informed they would need to combine their theory with practice.


4. Experience vs. Imagine:

In practice, individuals experience the real world and what it is like to do something. In textbooks, they only read about it and imagine.


5. Narrow vs. Broad Minded:

Textbooks are very narrow minded. They will not always provide its learners with the bigger picture. Practical experiences are more objective. It allows for its learners to set their own tone of learning.


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