Top 10 Reasons Why We Still Need Nuclear Power

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6. Radioactive Material: less contact with humans:

We are putting less radioactive material back in the earth than we took out. Additionally, we’re putting radioactive material in places where it has little contact with humans.


7. Reusable:

A lot of nuclear waste can be reused and recycled. The recycled plutonium and uranium can be inserted back into new fuel rods.


8. Little waste:

1000 megawatts nuclear plants produce 1 truckload of waste per year. This comes to the size of an aspirin tablet per person.


9. Change:

We have come a long way since the Chernobyl accident and the Three Mile Island disaster. Things have changed and new policies are in place. What we saw in the Soviet Union has been prevented and has worked for over 30 years now.


10. Reduces dependency on foreign oil:

That could be one solution to a problem Americans face. They must be in good relations with Middle East to get oil.


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