Top 10 Unfairly Treated Arrests

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Arrests are never treated fairly. There are extreme cases where the situations were so absurd, no arrests were necessary. The following 10 case scenarios are just 10 of the infinite cases.


1. Opening presents early:

A 12 year old boy opened his presents 2 weeks before Christmas Eve. The great-grandmother caught him red handed and threatened to call the police. When the boy failed to comply, the mother followed through on her threat and got him arrested. Showing remorse for his actions, the boy spent 1 day in juvenile.


2. Reading Wife’s Email:

I am sure we’ve done this once in a while. I think this is going to the extremes, if you ask me. A Michigan man faces 5 years in prison for reading his wife’s email. The arrest was made based on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). The man was able to retrieve the password from his wife’s notebook beside the computer. If the wife never wanted the husband to go peak, she should not have made the password easily accessible.


3. 247 years in jail:

In New Orleans, a drag queen male named Darryl Robinson robbed one Burger King restaurant with the intent to rob another. In August of 2010, he was found guilty. Judge Julian Parker sentenced him to 49 years for attempted robbery and 198 years for armed robbery. Robinson was a repeated offender.


4. Burping in Class:

As previously noted in another article, letting out gas is quite normal and is part of the normal day routine. A 13 year old boy in Albucquerque, New Mexico was arrested for boy who burped in school. After a juvenile is booked for non-violent actions, he/she is taken for a counselling appointment. I guess we all qualify for this which is ridiculous.


5. Having a seizure:

Daniel Beloungea from Michigan was having a seizure when he was tased and arrested. The police believed the man was masturbating when he had repetitive arm motions. The police never looked at the medical alert bracelet before acting upon impulses.


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