Top 10 Unknown Facts About Kim Jong-Un

With the death of Kim Jong-il on December 17, 2011, came a wave of unprecedented confusion. No one outside of North Korea knows anything about Kim Jong-un. The man lived a mystery life up until 2010 when he received the ranking of a General. Here are just 10 unknown facts which recently came to light upon his succession.


1. Schooling:

Despite the seclusion of North Korea, Kim Jong-un attended an English language school in Berne, Switzerland under an alias, “Pak Choi”. His former classmates testified to the fact that Kim Jong-un attended Gumligen International School and Liebefeld public school.


2. Shy:

Unlike his father, Kim Jong-il, who murdered his own brother at the age of 5, Kim Jong-un was a shy boy and a good kid.


3. Unknown Birthdate:

No one can actually say when Kim Jong-un was born. Many believe he was born in late 1983 or early 1984 in Pyongyang. The intelligence has provided a date (January 8, 1984) that to this day is a mystery with a big ?.


4. Rare shots:

Kim Jong-un was hardly shown in public. Many never knew what he looked like until the mid-1990s. It was only in June of 2010 that he was introduced to the public.


5. Puberty:

Kim Jong-Un hit puberty at the age of 8, simultaneously inventing the handlebar mustache.


6. Little Experience:

He has little experience to lead a country. The only experience he has relates to his 4 year study of military science.


7. Mystery Uncle:

Kim Jong-un is not the only possible successor. His uncle has an eye for the position as well. He has been a regent for Kim Jong-il since 2008, ever since the latter suffered from strokes.


8. Haircut:

He is a guru just for his haircut. Copycats try to mirror his image all the time.


9. Sporty/Athletic:

He is athletic and enjoys playing basketball. In a country where people starve to death during famine, this is quite shocking.


10. Loves Michael Jordan:

This proves that not all western media is being censored, especially from the successor of Kim Jong-il.


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