Top 10 Unusual Things Lost on Public Transit

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You would expect people to forget wallets, money, bags, cell phones and mp3 players on the public transport system. You, however, would be surprised how many people would forget other items, such as these.


1. Violin:

In December of 2011 the Toronto Sun reported a reunion between $170,000 USD violin and its owner. She forgot the violin in an overhead department of a regional commuter bus. The instrument is 176 years old and is given on loan to a Boston student. The violin was found by bus cleaners where the student left it.


2. False Teeth

Vancouver’s 1130 News reported false teeth being lost over the holidays on the TransLink. Many people who lose these items may not realize that they’ve lost it on the public transit system. It is also hard to track owner, given the circumstances.


3. Cat:

There was a posting on Craigslist that someone brought their cat with them on the subway and lost it. They were looking for someone who had tips about its whereabouts.


4. Wheelchairs:

This seems unusual as not many people who use wheelchairs can actually walk out of the public transport. Vancouver’s 1130 News reported this as one of the things they found in their lost and found system.


5. Underwear:

Underwear is another uncommon article found on public transit systems. Yet, you’d be surprised what you’d find under the seat of subways or buses. It would disgust you totally.


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