Top 10 Extremely Embarassing Toilet Stories

These top 10 extremely embarassing toilet stories will shock you. They will make you rethink the whole washroom situation. Get ready because this is not your ordinary bathroom reader.


1. 2.5 years on the toilet:

Madame Leong began her journey living on toilet on March 25, 2009. For the next 902 days she ate, slept, showered and did her business on the toilet. She was even naked the whole entire time. Her excuse; there was a force that made her sit on the toilet. The husband never reported this unusual behavior until 2.5 years later. The woman was placed in a mental hospital and treated for schizophrenia. Definitely one of the saddest of the 10 embarassing toilet story.


2. Homeless man seeking shelter:

A stall is not your ordinary shelter people would think to stake out in. a 44 year old homeless man from Okaloosa Island refused to leave the restroom at Floyd`s Fish House. He was arrested and charged for trespassing. The man was discovered by the manager who asked him to leave. The man refused and sat on the toilet fully clothed.


3. Elevator Fun:

Antonio Vega, 51 was arrested recently for repeatedly urinating on elevators in a New Jersey medical complex. After noticing foul play, the owners hid cameras to catch the culprit. Oops. such an embarrasing toilet story for Vega.


4. Toilet Restaurant:

There is a toilet restaurant located in Taiwan. The restaurant is popular and is expending into China and other countries. The lights are poop like shapes and the dishes are served in toilet-shaped plates. The best comes when customers have to sit on toilet seats to actually eat. Mamma Mia!


5. Baby Shark in toilet:

Someone tried to flush a real life, but dead, baby shark inside a public restroom. It was found by two women who had to go to the washroom. There was no way of using the toilet since the shark was placed right in the middle, covering the whole bowl.


6. Woman gets stuck to toilet after lengthy seating:

A woman from Wichita sat on her boyfriend`s toilet for 2 years. When trying to get up, she was stuck. The skin apparently grew around the seat. In 2008, the boyfriend won the lottery`s jackpot of $20,000 for the second time.


7. Diamond Studded Toilets:

A music company had to install diamond studded toilets to appease a demanding diva. I don`t know why that was her preference, but does it really matter?


8. Phone Interview on Toilet:

Joe Lieberman was caught on the radio giving an interview while being in the washroom in 2008. This was a democratic Vice-Presidential hopeful. How many of you now feel good for not hiring him for the job.


9. Woman hurt by exploding toilet:

A woman was doing her business when the toilet suddenly exploded on her in Washington D.C. The explosion occurred because of a mechanical failure triggered by a flush.


10. Finding Snake in Toilet:

One Bronx man found a 3 foot long Red Rat snake in his toilet after lifting the seat. It`s a good thing he did not sit down and watched where he was going.


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