Top 10 Extremely Embarassing Toilet Stories

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6. Woman gets stuck to toilet after lengthy seating:

A woman from Wichita sat on her boyfriend`s toilet for 2 years. When trying to get up, she was stuck. The skin apparently grew around the seat. In 2008, the boyfriend won the lottery`s jackpot of $20,000 for the second time.


7. Diamond Studded Toilets:

A music company had to install diamond studded toilets to appease a demanding diva. I don`t know why that was her preference, but does it really matter?


8. Phone Interview on Toilet:

Joe Lieberman was caught on the radio giving an interview while being in the washroom in 2008. This was a democratic Vice-Presidential hopeful. How many of you now feel good for not hiring him for the job.


9. Woman hurt by exploding toilet:

A woman was doing her business when the toilet suddenly exploded on her in Washington D.C. The explosion occurred because of a mechanical failure triggered by a flush.


10. Finding Snake in Toilet:

One Bronx man found a 3 foot long Red Rat snake in his toilet after lifting the seat. It`s a good thing he did not sit down and watched where he was going.


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