Top 10 Most Popular Uses Of Cognac

Cognac is a popular drink and a popular remedy and cure for health problems. This article serves to intrigue and maybe illustrate other ways people can utilize the drink for non-entertainment purposes.


1. Flambéing:

Snoop Dogg makes mashed potatoes with cognac. I once ate a soup in a restaurant called the cream crab and cognac soup. Flambéing is the best option, especially when cooking seafood in a frying pan. Try it, but be forewarned since the liquid ignites.


2. Mixed Drinks:

Try adding cognac to specialty drinks like chai tea, blueberry tea and eggnog. Look in the Food and Wine magazine to see how you can mix it up.


3. Straight up:

You can drink like Americans and Europeans do, the straightway up in a shot glass. 3 shot glasses and you will definitely need to call a cab for yourself. 4, you may start seeing rainbows.


4. French Onion Soup:

Many people eat French onion soup with just a bit of cognac. I`ve seen a number of recipes online with this idea.


5. Cognac Oil:

This is a by-product of the distilled cognac. Oil is obtained by steam distillation of the residue of grape tissues and fungus.


6. Warmth:

People drink alcohol to get a warming effect. A shot of cognac is the best remedy for person who stayed outdoors for a long time.


7. Keep awake:

Many people utilize 30 grams of cognac to keep themselves awake. This will do it. Sadly, most people do not stop after one drink.


8. Relieve Stress:

Cognac is a depressant; it will release tensions and definitely will make you less hyper. Just do not drink too much.


9. Efficiency:

People believe that by drinking a bit of cognac, they may get some energy in them and will become more efficient to do work.


10. Lower blood pressure:

Many people, especially Russians, believe that cognac relieves the yearning. Small dose of cognac weakens the vascular tone.


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