Top 10 Cases of Objectum Sexuality

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6. Roger Taylor:

Taylor is best known for being a musician, singer-songwriter and one of the members of the band, Queen. What many do not know is that he sings songs to his automobile. He even was noted for adding engine sounds to the car that he called Alfa Romeo.


7. Lee Jin-gyo:

Most people with OS are women. However, to say that no man can have the obsession is almost a lie. This man married his pillow and not jokingly like we saw on 3rd Rock from the Sun.


8. Eija-Ritta:

This woman has once fetish that many people would not understand. She once fell in love with a machine that beheaded criminals or suspected criminals throughout Europe: The Gullotine.


9. Edward Smith:

This man who is past his middle age is in love with his Volkswagen Beetle. He named the car, Vanilla and believes that it is his girlfriend. He had relationships with women, but was not attracted as much as he was to the car.


10. Dave Cat:

This man married his silicon doll in 2000. He believes that the doll provides him with lots of love that no other partner could give.


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