Top 10 Youngest Record Holders

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This is a list of 10 fascinating people who hold the record for the most bizarre, paranormal and sometimes odd things. Many of us cannot even think to do what many of these people did. There are situations which are also heartbreaking like the one with Zhen Siong. So here they are.


1. Jessica Gaude, the fattest child:

Gaude earned the title of the fattest child in the world at the age of 7. She weighed 222 kilograms in grade one. The mother spoils her by giving foods that Gaude loves and craves. Her diet consists of an intake of 10,000 calories per day.


2. Rifca Stanescu, World’s Youngest Grandmother:

Rifca Stanescu, a Romanian Gypsy, was 12 years old when she had her first child. She also got married at 11 when her husband was 13. Her daughter recently got married when she was 10 and had a child 6 months later in March of 2011. Rifca was only 23 at the time. She is the youngest grandmother.


3. Zhen Siong, Youngest heart attack victim:

This 13 year old from Lukut is the youngest in the country to have died of a heart attack. The last record breaker for the youngest heart attack victim was 27 years old. The boy was 6 feet tall and loved to play basketball. Before his death in 2008, he complained about chest pains.


4. Jordan Romero, youngest person to climb Mt. Everest:

In May of 2010 Romero completed his final stretch of his climb up the northeast ridge of Mt. Everest. This happened a day after the 13 year old, his father, his step mother and 3 guides entered the death zone at 26, 246 ft. He completed his mission on May 22, 2010.


5. Sean Stewart, the world’s youngest father:

In January of 2008, Sean Stewart became the youngest father. He was only 12 years old when his girlfriend gave birth to his son. The girlfriend was 16 years old and the next door neighbour.


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