Top 10 Youngest Record Holders

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6. Ben Jelf, youngest world speed record holder:

This British youngster was declared the World’s and European Powerboat Racing Champion. Jelf follows the footsteps of his grandfather who began racing in 1966 and is battling prostate cancer. Some of the proceeds would go to find a cure for it.


7. Jordan Maguire, youngest to reach North Pole:

This Scottish teenager is the youngest to reach North Pole at age 15. Interestingly enough he did it by foot on a 10 day trip from Northern Russia. He needed to raise 18,0000 pounds to fund the trip.


8. Sergey Karjakin, youngest International master (Chess):

At 11 years and 11 months, Karjakin became the international master and the youngest grandmaster in history of chess. He was playing chess since he was 5 and had won World Chess U12 championship in 2001.


9. Marc L. Griffin, youngest judge:

What is the world coming to? This attorney persuaded the county commissioners to appoint him the justice of the peace. He learned about the vacancy after studying law in high school.


10. Julie Sheldon, World’s Youngest Swimmer:

Sheldon was only 9 months old when she learned how to swim. Wow!


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