Top 10 US Presidents with Drinking Problems

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Many US Presidents have/had a colorful past. Many of the Top 10 presidents on the list are/were alcoholics and take/took pride in their drinking habits. This article identifies them and who they are/were.


1. Barack Obama:

A 2010 news report surfaced surrounding Barack Obama’s drinking problem. The Daily Mail reported that the doctor recommended the President stop drinking excessively and stop smoking. This recommendation came after Obama’s cholesterol levels were up to borderline high.


2. George W. Bush:

Bush was no saint in the 1960s and 70s. Bush even admitted to substance abuse under the age of 40. He described this period as nomadic and irresponsible youth. This all occurred before he made a religious conversion and was enlightened by Billy Graham.


3. Richard Nixon:

During the Watergate Scandal, which erupted in 1974, Nixon was drinking more than he ever did before. He became even more depressed as he put himself and his family through humiliation over his resignations. Many people would not hear from Nixon for years after his resignation due to shame. The drinking problem was discovered in Nixon’s biography, written by Stephen Ambrose.


4. Martin van Buren:

This Democratic President had a reputation for being a drunk by age 25. He could even drink large quantities without showing signs of intoxication. The behaviour was exhibited well into his Vice –Presidency.


5. Ulysses Grant:

This US President also had a drinking problem. The problem was more than apparent during his military service. However, the heavy drinking was said to have not affected his ability to perform duties. The cause of death (throat cancer) was probably related to alcohol consumption.


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