Top 10 Ways Quebec Is Unique

All provinces in Canada are unique culturally, politically, socially and economic. More so is Quebec for the following 10 reasons.



Quebec is the only province who was not a signatory of the Constitutional Amendment of 1982. Trudeau believed that it was a matter of good politics and not mandatory for him to consult with provinces.



Along with Alberta and Manitoba, the legal age for drinking and smoking is 18. All other provinces and territories have it at 19.



The official language and language of choice in Quebec is French. All other provinces have English as its officiated language, with the exception of New Brunswick. New Brunswick has both English and French as official languages.



Quebec is also the only province to have had 2 referenda. Since the late 1970s, they had a sentiment to leave Canada to become its own country. It lost by a small margin in the 1995 referendum.



The Bloc Quebecois is a party for separatist Quebecois. In 1993, it formed the opposition with the downfall of Brian Mulroney and Kim Campbell. As of 2011, it has dwindled to 2 seats, losing its official party status.



In Quebec, minority rights are less accepted than in other parts of the country. For example, 40% Quebeckers find that wearing hijabs is acceptable, while 70% of other Canadians feel it is acceptable.



Roman Catholicism is identified in the Constitution as significant for Quebeckers. Much of the rest of the provinces are protestant inclined in the constitution.



Half of Quebeckers do not speak English. Many others only speak minimal English.



All signs are written in French, unlike everywhere else in Canada. If sign are written in English, they would need to contribute to the learning of French



Quebec economy is also more statist than the other provinces/territories. The government invests a great deal of money in local businesses.


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