Top 10 Ways Schools Are Best Line Of Defense Against Cyber Bullying

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6. Change course:

Teachers have the power to change course. They have been empowered and entrusted with the ability to transform people and educate them into being exemplary citizens. If cyber bullying signs are scene, they must adjust and monitor accordingly. Maybe have a lesson on character to reiterate expectations.


7. Teach netiquettes:

When teaching etiquettes in primary grades, teachers should also teach netiquettes. Respect should be given to all individuals whether offline or online.


8. Resources:

Schools also have the resources and can go through the training to help parents keep an eye over cyber bullying. Conferences such as Facebook 101 are ways schools give back to the community for their support.


9. Identify the triggers:

There is a discrepancy regarding what is cyber bullying. Teachers are good role models and should influence their students to know when to stop.


10. Partnership:

It is a partnership. The more eyes the better.


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