Top 10 Worst Movie Bathroom Scenes

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Bathroom scenes have defined cinemas. They have changed the way we look at stars and movies. Some of them are pointless and are cut too short. The meaning could have been better and illustrated in a more thoughtful manner.


1. Dumb & Dumber:

Lloyd thought Harry was stealing the girl of his dreams. In order to prevent Harry from going on a date, Lloyd adds laxative to his tea. Harry ends up on a toilet, but problems arise when he enters a toilet that is broken. I thought the scene was a bit cheesy as it cut out the repercussions and the ending. How did Harry manage to get off the toilet? Remember the story revolved around 2 not so clever people.


2. Rat Race:

The scene where Cuba Gooding Jr. acts as bus driver was funny, but also awkward for those who are transgendered. The woman was asking Gooding Jr. about the broken toilet. When finding out that the woman was really a man, stereotypes and prejudices came into play.


3. Jurassic Park:

I really thought one scene on the toilet was a bit cheesy and scary at the same time. The lawyer was eaten when a Dinosaur broke down the outhouse where he was doing his business. The outhouse was made of straws. Why would anyone put a washroom made of straws where dinosaurs can invade? This was in fact an amusement park with cloned dinosaurs. Did they forget to calculate risks?


4. Trainspotting:

Disgusting, gross, weird scene! Renton dives into the toilet bowl that could be deemed the worst in the world. The scene was based on 1973 novel Gravity’s Rainbow.


5. Snakes on the Plane:

Snakes in enclosed areas are a scary thought. There were two bathroom scenes in this film that were cheesy and horrifying at the same time. It made you wince and laugh as the snake latches itself on a woman’s tit and on dude’s junk.


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