Top 10 Ways To Prevent Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most deadly cancer for men. In 2011 it was expected that 25, 500 men would diagnosed with this form of illness. 4,100 of those would die. The ratio of those diagnosed is 1 in 7.

There are ways of preventing prostate cancer. Everyone should do something healthy on this list to build an active yet healthy lifestyle for themselves.


1. Aerobics exercises

This is a good way to prevent Prostate Cancer. We must be active and by exercising we improve circulation in the immune system, increasing energy levels in our bodies.


2. Eat Cereal:

Eating cereal in the morning is healthy. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The best type of cereal is the one that is high flax. To add more active ingredients which battle prostate cancer substitute regular milk for soy milk.


3. Eat Broccoli:

This is a cancer preventing food one should eat regularly. One should however caution before microwaving the vegetable because it kills all the cancer protective flavonoids. Steaming is the best option.


4. Add Garlic to Meals:

Although garlic may give you a bad breath, it is still healthy. It has sulfur compounds that help your body fight against cancer and the growth of tumors.


5. Add Blueberries to salads and cereal:

Blueberries have antioxidant power. Antioxidants neutralize unstable compounds that damage cells and cause cancer.


6. Multivitamin intake:

This is important to take if you are lacking in vitamins. The multivitamin packs are natural; and can be used to improve immune system functions and also prevent cancer. Consult with doctor before using.


7. Eat Organic:

Eliminating pesticides and hormones is one way to stay healthy. The pesticides and hormones used to modify foods can cause cellular damage. This means eating watermelons with seeds, grapes with seeds etc.


8. Don’t dry-clean:

Dry cleaners use perc which causes kidney and liver failure and damage. If repeated exposed to, it could cancer. If you have clothes which require dry cleaning, take them out of the bag and air them before wearing.


9. Cucumber over pickles:

Cucumbers are much more healthier as many pickles have carcinogens.


10. Self-Please:

I am trying to be Pg-13 here. Studies show that self-pleasing oneself (not over-doing) can also prevent prostate cancer.


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