Top 10 Service Interruptions People Dread

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There are a number of service interruptions which should never happen. It is ridiculous how many people do not care about the number of individuals they affect when going on strike. Many strikes go on for over 2 months with no sight of an end.


1. Doctors’ strike:

As horrible as this sounds, this has happened in the past. In 1962, Saskatchewan doctors went on strike for 23 days. They wanted CCF to rescind the idea of universal health care. In 2011, a doctors’ strike in India was arranged. In 6 days, 50 people died due to the extent of the strike. The government cracked down and arrested the doctors for negligence and fired them.


2. Nurses’ strike:

Nurses are known to go on strike as well. Recently, the nurses’ strike in Nova Scotia was averted before it had a disastrous effect on the health care system. In 2003, the nurses in Scotland went on a series of strikes which lasted for 7 weeks. Can anyone imagine their health care system without nurses? This service should be guaranteed and essential without any likelihood of strikes.


3. Garbage:

In Toronto, residents had to endure 2 recent garbage strikes. They both occurred during the summer. The most recent one in 2009 lasted for 1 month before a deal was struck. Streets reeked with garbage as no one was taking it. People had to take their own garbage to designated dumping sites. Ridiculous since we usually pay tax payer money to have others do it.

This is not as bad as Greece who has dozens of strikes each year.


4. Ambulance:

Like nursing, this should be an essential service. Every city needs paramedics who arrive on the scene of an emergency. Where a life and death situation is present, one cannot afford a strike.


5. Buses:

This one is the worst, especially in the city of Toronto. In Toronto, TTC services decided to cease all operations at 12am and walkout. They stopped the bus, declared themselves on strike and refused to drop off passengers. Viva and YRT of Greater Toronto has gone on 2 strikes, most notably the one which started in October of 2011. As of January 28, 2012, a deal has been reached but the workers are taking their sweet time to go back to work. Whilst the bus drivers are striking, students and those who use the transportation to go to work suffer in costs and in time.


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