Top 10 Ways To Share Secrets

Secrets what are they good for? They ruin relationships, friendships and even the person keeping it. How do people express secrets and share them? Let’s take a look.

Top 10 Diseases in the World Caused by Bugs

Pests are not just bad organisms for plants or crops. Without pest control, they are also capable of spreading diseases to human beings. Some are the primary carriers or intermediate hosts of these human diseases.

Top 10 Common Pests That You Find In Your Home

Home pests are a big headache to most home owners and apart from endangering human health they can cause a big damage to one's property. It is thus important for you to prevent them from infesting your home by any means available.

Top 10 Coolest Costume Party Ideas

Costume parties are usually some of the most entertaining events to take part in. However, when you are selecting the costume, it can be quite tricky. The ideal costume is one that makes you the center of attention at a costume party.

Top 10 Newest Technologies Implemented In Cell Phones

The latest mobile phones feature a variety of services and latest technologies that enable its users interact with the world-wide community. These latest technologies enable users to access the internet and transfer large data files at great speeds in addition to place location using the GPS (Global Positioning Systems) gadgets.

Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Fruit Flies

Fruit flies seem to mysteriously appear everywhere, around fruit and vegetables. However, modern science has proved that this is impossible. The question thus remains: where do fruit flies originate from? A matter of fact what are they.