Top 10 Ways To Avoid Answering A Direct Question

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6. Lying:

Many people would not admit to the truth when confronted and bombarded directly. Many would cover up the truth to prevent it from coming to light.


7. Leaving:

Many people simply leave an uncomfortable situation when being bombarded with questions they cannot answer. They will make up an excuse such as I will call later, or I need to go, to prevent them from answering.


8. Ignoring:

The idea here is to nip a question in the bud. Do not allow the question to come to a stage where it could lead to a fight or confrontation. Some people find it difficult to ignore and choose not to confront the accuser.


9. Ask for rewording:

If you did not understand the question or do not know how to answer it, you may ask the person to reword. The person may reword in it a way that would be better for you to understand.


10. Pardon me! Excuse me!

Many people get the picture when someone uses the following phrases. The questions may have been out of line at that point.


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