Top 10 Most Exciting Holidays

holiday is a day designated as having special importance for which the people, a government, or religious/secular group have deemed warranting of a celebration. Holidays do not always necessitate the need to exclude doing everyday work, while others require an observance, whether it is fasting or not operating a vehicle.

We all heard about New Year’s, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, and Ramadan. However, I’d be surprised if you heard about these exciting holidays. Be sure to comment, should you disagree.


1. March 30: National Cleavage Day:

Not many people knew there was such a thing as this. Many men would die to have known that this is a national holiday. It is, however, not much of a holiday, as it is a marketing gimmick. Created by bra giant, Wonderbra, the holiday highlights women’s independence and power. Okay…and also draws attention towards the cleavage that men go after day in and day out.

Check out Ann Summers’ video on YouTube and see how they celebrate this day and the 30th anniversary. They actually staged a traffic stopping spectacle.


2. December 23: Festivus Day:

This is a secular day celebrated the day before Christmas Eve. The holiday season is amongst many, those who do not want to participate in the festivities or its commercialism, celebrate festivus.

The holiday is most popularly known when introduced on the TV sitcom Seinfeld in 1997. It was preconceived by writer Dan O’Keefe who celebrated the holiday with his family since 1966.

The favourite part of this all, is the telling of the grievances and also how Frank Constanza says, “Festivus is for the rest of us.”


3. Turkmenistan: Melon Day:

This is a national holiday in Turkmenistan. It is devoted to festivities which celebrate the Turkmenbashi melon and the country’s muskmelon. Turkmenbashi melon was named after the country’s first president and is seen as a great fruit with an excellent aroma, taste and size. It was established in 1994 by President Niyazov, who preferred to be the leader of Turkmens and also Turkmenbashi.

How many fruit do we see named after the President?


4. September 7 & 8: Driving Side Switch Days

I never thought this would be possible until now. In Samoa, people are given the day off on September 7 & 8 to practice driving on the left side of the road and not on the right. Not all the population is for this switch, especially since most cars are right hand drives. The festivities begin at 6am on September 7. If you go to Samoa and are driving make sure you follow directions quite well.


5. November 21: World Hello Day

This day is the most exciting, yet simplistic. Anyone can participate in this day by saying hello to 10 people. The celebrations began interestingly enough in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel in the Fall of 1973. Now it is being observed by 180 countries and more.

News Flicks:

31 winners of the Nobel Peace Prize realized the value of this day and how instrumental it is to preserving peace.


6. March 22: International Goof-off Day:

This is a day mostly made for relaxing and enjoying time to oneself. It could also be considered a day for good-humoured fun and silliness. This really means that you should forget all your responsibilities that day and just goof off. It’s like April fool’s day, but less known and kind of weird.


7. September 24: National Punctuation Day:

This is one of the weirdest and oddest holidays anyone could observe. You can celebrate it by reading a newspaper and by circling all the punctuation errors. You may also correct people if they are wrong in using punctuation.


8. November 6: Obama Day:

This may not be the day that USA and Americans celebrate, but it is the day that Kenyans and people in Kenya celebrate and have made a national holiday. This is where most of the paternal relatives of the current US President live and lived. I am sure they are happy about a black man being President of a first world country like United States. No surprise there.


9. January 3: Festival of Sleep Day

This is the day you can really sleep in and snooze and do absolutely nothing. It gives people a chance to wind down after the holidays and let the batteries recharge for school and work again. Still there is some speculation about who invented this day. No one can really pinpoint the origins.


10. July 2: I forgot day:

Make your anniversary fall on this day. At least you have a reason to forget. It also gives people the opportunity to express their regret about their forgets. How many of us will actually admit to this? Not many.


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