Top 10 Things You’d Hate To Find In Your Bed

This article was created for entertainment purposes . Surveying 100 people, these were the answers that made it to the top of the list.


1. Fox:

Alexander West was stunned to see a baby fox lying in his bed on the second floor of his home in Hemel Hemstead, Herts. The boy forgot to close the back door to his home while playing outside. The fox made herself comfortable for up to 4 hours before being discovered.


2. Dirty Sheets:

Nothing’s worse than coming to a hotel room where there are dirty sheets. We were on vacation and staying at a 3 star hotel. The 4 girls traveling with us decided to share the room. They got a room with one king bed and one sofa bed. When opening a sofa bed, they found bed bugs. They went downstairs to get a number room, only to find blood stained sheets on the sofa bed.


3. Bed Bugs/Lice:

# 2 brings us to Bed Bugs/Lice. Pests are not good comforts. So do yourself a favour and throw away mattresses as soon as you find something fishy.


4. Goldilocks:

There are strangers and burglars who decide to let themselves in without permission. When they cannot get out in time, they take refuge in the bedroom and sometimes under the bed. If you are the big bad wolf, you’d be taking over the bed as well.


5. Food:

You may love to have breakfast in bed, but that may not be wise if you are eating something with crumbs. This could attract things you would not want to see, especially on the bed.


6. Spiders:

Spiders do love to crawl. They find their way through anything, especially making webs underneath the bed frame. I had a few cases of these, but they are supposed to bring good luck.


7. Used Condom:

This has happened before. In 2010, allegations were made against Wyndham Garden Hotel over its uncleanliness. Carmen Jones’ grandson (4 years old) found a used condom on a bed. The grandson has been to the doctor daily after the incident. After finding the condom on the bed sheets, the boy began playing with it.


8. Used Needle:

Sarah Burnett was visiting her partner in NHS hospital when she discovered shocking activities which included a needle in her partner’s bed. Her story is not the only horror story, every patient treated there comes away with a horror story. Between April 2004 and September 2006, 90 patients at 3 Kent Hospitals were killed by C. Difficle.


9. Adulterer/adulteress:

You would never want to walk in on your significant other with their mistress or lover. A friend of mine was suspicious of her husband’s activities. She and her mother in law went to check out the activity of the husband. They found more than what they asked for.


10. Something sticky:

This has happened before, especially with people eating in bed a lot. This could ruin clothes, pajamas and other things.


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