Top 10 Habits of Safe Drivers

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When I was first learning to drive, I remember in my driver’s handbook there was a very good quote “When you drive there is always risk, but you don’t have to be a risky driver!” This is probably the best quote about driving I have ever heard! One of the ways you can be a less risky driver is to develop safe driving habits. If you develop safe driving habits you can prevent accidents and not getting into accidents prevents repair costs, injury and it may even safe you money on insurance. Here are some habits that can help you become a safe driver.


1. Learn Defensive Driving

If you didn’t do it when you got your license may be take a defensive driving course. Not only will it make you a safer driver on the road but it will lower your insurance costs as well.


2. Watch out for other bad drivers

This may be hard at times, but try to avoid bad drivers on the road the best you can.


3. Avoid in car distractions

Avoid in car distractions such as talking on your phone, texting, watching a movie, loud music or fooling around in your car.


4. Don’t drive when tired

Make sure you get enough sleep or that you are well rested before driving. The last thing you would want to happen is to fall asleep at the wheel.


5. Use your turn signals

You may think this is common sense, but a lot of drivers when they get older get lazy. They use their turn signals less and may cut someone off and cause an accident because of it. So always use your turn signals when changing lanes or turning.


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