Top 10 Worst Shoe Designs

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Simple elegance is usually the key to dressing well. For men, simple Oxford-style lace-ups as favoured by George Clooney always make a man look smart and sophisticated and a sleek pair of black patent heels can compliment an array of outfits for women. So why is it that so many shoe designers manage to make such spectacular mistakes on such a regular basis? Here are examples of some of the worst shoe designs of recent years:


1. Adidas Slave Shoes

Trainers are usually designed to help their wearer in their sporting endeavours. Soles are made to absorb the impact of running on the knee, for example. One thing, however, that would be sure to impede any athlete would be the attachment of a cheap looking plastic shackle. As well as being garish to look at, an oblique mix of orange greys and purples, the shoe design is, of course, incredibly offensive and a sad reminder of slavery. The item, designed by Jeremy Scott, was described by civil rights campaigner Jesse Jackson as a “human degredation”.


2. Gun shoes

Taylor Momsem this yer was seen sporting a gimicked heel which was designed to look like a pistol and straps made to appear like bullet holders. That in of itself would be enough to include it in a horrible design list but the fact the six inch heel was coupled with a four inch platform made the shoes as awkward as they were bad looking.


3. Kim Kardashian’s Snakeskin Thigh High Boots

A target of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for her propensity to wear fur, Kim Kardashian decided to further bait animal rights groups with a pair of snakeskin boots whilst on a trip to Paris. If, as she claims, Kardashian owns over 200 pairs of Christian Louboutin’s then these must surely be her worst – ethics aside, snakeskin boots compliment a total of zero outfits and are, quite frankly, an eyesore.


4. Heel-less Heel

This season wedges have enjoyed something of a renaissance due to the fact that whilst they give all tghe benefits of heels they also offer extra support on the wearers arches. A recent trend, favoured by the brave likes of Lucy Liu, has been to remove all the support from high heeled shoes altogether by not having a heel at all but rather just an angled shoe. The heel-less shoe is more likely to make observers wonder how the wearer is balancing rather than marvel at their design.


5. High Heeled Heel-less Trainers

Willow Smith has taken to wearing shoes similair to the ones described above but with one twist. Instead of a classic heel design fixed in to a heeled position, Willow’s shoes feature, instead, trainers which are melded into this uncomfortable angle. This means they have neither the aesthetic value of classic heels or the practical values of trainers.


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