Top 10 Worst Shoe Designs

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6. Justin Beiber’s Bondage Shoes

The Canadian singer has, in recent years, attempted to show he is all grown up from the fresh faced kid who burst onto the scene with Baby. His recent “rocked up” image has been one such attempt yet his proppensity for psuedo-bondage shoes has simply singled him out as a bad dresser instead. Studded, cheap looking boot/trainer combinations look less grown up and more like the design of an overcompensatory twelve year old.


7. Knee High Gladiator Sandals

As seen sported by Rihanna. The Barbadian singer is not renowned for her dress sense, or wearing many clothes at all for that matter, but her knee high gladiator style sandals – replete with interlocking black and white disk shin guard – can be considered amongst the worst designs of modern times.


8. Milly J “Crow” Shoes

Most shoe designs aim to be received with descriptions such as “suave” or “sophisticated” or even just comfortable. What they do not usually aspire to is being tagged as “satanic”. Jodie Marsh, the British model turned body builder, recently appointed Milly J as her official shoe designer and was rewarded with a £500 of black heel which also boast additions such as feathers, a crucifix and a real pair of preserved crows feet.


9. Jodie Marsh’s Teapot shoes

Marsh’s crow shoes were not her only recent transgression into the world of insane footwear. Another pair of heels Marsh has sported in publich which could easily also make a claim for the worst shoes ever made were a pair of “teapot” inspired shoes. The design featured spouts on the front of their design and handles on the back. These were also created by Milly J.


10. Fergie’s Chariots of Fire

Black Eyed Peas Singer Ferige decided to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with a green heeled shoe which featured flames as a motif appearing as part of the strap and also bellowing from its behind. Both inpracitcal and hard to look at.



Kieron Casey is a fashion writer and blogger who writes for Barratts Shoes.

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