Top 10 Stylish Grooming Gifts for Men

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A well-groomed man does not happen by accident, he has a small arsenal of specialist products at his disposal. Men need to take care of their skin, hair and complexion if they wish to look healthy and stylish. Here we share our favorite grooming products.


1. Classic Shaving Kit

Although the latest electric shavers have come forwards in leaps and bounds in recent years you still cannot beat a high quality blade for the perfect shave. However, even the best blade cannot produce a perfect shave without the help of a shaving kit. A shaving kit should include a pre-shave oil to protect the skin, a good quality Badger Hair brush, shaving cream and an after shave balm. This makes a perfect gift for any man who takes pride in his shaving.


2. Shaving Mugs

A shaving mug may be an old-fashioned piece of equipment but it is vitally important if you build your own lather. A shaving mug allows you to make a good shaving lather at the perfect temperature and consistency for a great shave. The added advantages is that both your hands are kept clean at all times.


3. After Shave Balms

Traditional after-shave lotions contain alcohol which acts as an anti-bacterial. However, this really is not needed in the modern bathroom and a balm such as Anthony Logistics can provide essential vitamins and help repair the skin faster. A good after shave balm also provides a moisturizing effect and does not contain alcohol so really helps to rehydrate after a shave.


4. Travel Kit

Frequent traveling can quickly take its toll on even the most well-groomed man. A good travel kit ensures that you can maintain your complexion and stay well-groomed even during the most hectic business schedule. Molton Brown produce what is possibly the perfect kit to help you stay fresh and look great while away from home.


5. Face Moisturizers

A man’s skin is really no different from a woman’s and needs to be cared for in the same way to ensure it remains vibrant and fresh. A good moisturizer ensures that the skin stays well hydrated, healthy and taught which keeps it looking young. D R Harris produce moisturizers for all skin types, from dry through to oily. It is important to know your skin type before purchasing a moisturizer. In addition to re-hydrating, good moisturizers also provide an antiseptic treatment and contain vitamins to help protect and repair the skin.


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