Top 10 Words And Phrases To Put In A Game Of Charades

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Charades is a game fun to play, especially during house parties, family and friend gathering and school outings. They bring events into liveliness, especially when thought out carefully. Here are 10 words and phrases one should consider when playing.


1. Sexy:

I got to admit that this was the hardest word to enact. My friend did a good sexy pose, but many felt he was doing a “striptease” more than the sexy. It was way too confusing, but fun to watch. I know the whole party was laughing from this one.


2. ‘Self-Please’:

This is one of the vague phrases one can add to a game of charades. One friend decided to enact a scene which told her viewers she was engaging in naughty activities. Then she proceeded to beg as if she was playing mercy. Interestingly enough, viewers got the picture.


3. A unique person’s name:

I always put the name of someone who has a very unique attitude towards life. This one person never gets the picture that what he does is bothersome. When we enacted his behaviour to show our disgust, he finally understood what we meant. Taking uncomfortable pictures and staying at someone’s house till 4am is not nice.


4. Please:

This is always a good pun to use. You get really mixed results in the game of charades. You would have those who are begging and you would have those who are polite. One thing is clear: this word produces massive results from both ends of the spectrum.


5. Charlie Sheen:

He is a funny character to enact. Players can really be creative with this one. The thing is surely entertaining but sad at the same time.


6. Strike:

This is another pun that could work both ways. People can either hit someone or pretend to or put on an act as if they are striking. Usually people go with former as it brings emotions into play.


7. Mutiny:

People go crazy with this word. They enact the best and I mean only the best. Try it out. I guarantee you will be flying out of seats with this one as well.


8. Cracked:

This word gets mixed results but can mean a number of things. I had one friend who tried to enact an eccentric and irrational person. It was very entertaining to watch.


9. God:

The first thing that goes through people’s minds is how they can show off this character. Once people actually think about the word, they can really enact some really cool and wicked things. This will not be an easy one to guess.


10. Spoiled Rotten:

This would work with words during first round. As soon as actions come into play without words, it gets interesting even more.


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