Top 10 Words And Phrases To Put In A Game Of Charades

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6. Strike:

This is another pun that could work both ways. People can either hit someone or pretend to or put on an act as if they are striking. Usually people go with former as it brings emotions into play.


7. Mutiny:

People go crazy with this word. They enact the best and I mean only the best. Try it out. I guarantee you will be flying out of seats with this one as well.


8. Cracked:

This word gets mixed results but can mean a number of things. I had one friend who tried to enact an eccentric and irrational person. It was very entertaining to watch.


9. God:

The first thing that goes through people’s minds is how they can show off this character. Once people actually think about the word, they can really enact some really cool and wicked things. This will not be an easy one to guess.


10. Spoiled Rotten:

This would work with words during first round. As soon as actions come into play without words, it gets interesting even more.


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