Top 10 Confessions of a Gossip Girl

Hi readers, I welcome you to the life of a gossip girl. Many people see me as trash, someone who cannot be trusted, and someone who is nosey. But really, am I all those things? I care about others and try to understand how they feel. That’s all! I swear.

I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids. My husband and I just bought a $2 million house; we live such a glorious life. My kids are in a private school, one of the finest, if you ask me. Life is a darling, especially when I can put my feet up all day and sit back and relax.

Let’s see if you agree with me. I welcome you to comment on our blog. Tata for now!


Confession # 1:

My cousin-in-law is getting married. She’s been dating this guy for 6 years now. Finally he gets the balls to propose. I wanted him to propose 3 months into their relationship. What business is it of mine?

Anyhow, I am my nosey self. I try to pry myself into his life, trying to find the dirt to expose him. When I learn his mother’s brother is cheating on his wife, I spread the cheer around. When the hubby to be gets into a legal battle, I try to get to the crux of what happened. Then I spread the cheer again.

Am I really a bad person? He deleted me off of Facebook. Keep reading…


Confession # 2:

Oh my! My cousin-in-law’s birthday is coming up. Everyone knows that her boyfriend wants to propose. He warns the whole family to be on guard for the date, so that everyone will be ready. The night before the birthday/engagement, I accidentally ruin things. I forget that I have tickets to see Britney Spears live in concert.

Oopsie Daisy. Am I really that bad? Keep reading…


Confession # 3:

My happy life with my husband was not always this happy. I came as a refugee from Odessa, Ukraine. I had to get married to stay in the country. We finally decide to do that…oops…my parents are rich. God forbid, my husband tries to steal our money. I ask for a prenup. His parents go crazy.

So when we actually get married, my parents decide that the groom’s parents should pay for the whole wedding. Since the groom’s parents already bought the house for the son, my parents thought they should not pay a dime. I could care less about it.


Confession # 4:

This gets juicy. My readers, you are in for a real royal treat with this one. My parents-in-law buy me a house, keep me in the country, and pay for my wedding. I still do not like the mother-in-law. She’s just not my cup of tea. I forbid her to touch her grandkids and forbid her to help me out. Everything has to be done by my mother. No one does it better than her.


Confession # 5:

So what else! Well, I don’t work. In fact, I’ve never worked a day in my life. I do love to drive and chit chat with my friend, sipping coffee with my friends as my husband works his but off everyday.

Should I look for a job? Can anyone find me one? This economy is horrible to me.


Confession # 6:

I am also a college drop-out. That’s probably why I cannot find work. I spent a semester in college and couldn’t do it. I told my husband that it should be him working and me raising our kids.


Confession # 7:

I am a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world. I am fantastic!

Right; back to the article. I love Facebook and sit on it every day, almost all day if you ask me. Am I too addicted? I just love listening to others’ feeds and talking to friends.


Confession # 8:

I am highly criticized for exposing too much on Facebook. However, I love the attention and others commenting about my beauty. My family and I went on vacation when I was pregnant. My boobs were double the size. I took several pictures, and posted them on Facebook.

Am I so bad? I want to be good looking.


Confession # 9:

I am also highly criticized for posting the inappropriate on Facebook. I took photos of my husband sleeping in his underwear and posted them on Facebook.

I didn’t mean to do anything bad? I just thought it was normal.


Confession # 10:

Anyhow, tada for now. But before you go, here is #10:

I am a narcissist and everything I do is based on my beliefs. So tell me…just because this is my ideology, gives someone the right to criticize me? Please agree with me….I beg you. I WANT YOUR APPROVAL!


These stories are all fictions of my imagination. The article was done for entertainment purposes and nothing else.

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    Ever heard of predatory personality disorder? It’s doesn’t exist as of now but you gonna make it happen.


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