Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Fruit Flies

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Fruit fly maggots hatched from eggs deposited into the fruit. Be careful before you eat a rotten fruit, you may be eating the egg as well.



The female fly will lay her eggs in all cultivated fruits and vegetables. Native fruits are commonly attacked as well.



You are not allowed to bring fruit to South Australia. The government has a policy which restricts fruit flies. All fruit must be free of fruit flies, especially when transported through commercial shipments. This policy has been in place since 1897.



The Mexican fruit fly poses more of a risk to agriculture than the common North American fruit fly. It is attracted to citrus and can be destructive, especially in Florida. They are larger than common fruit flies measuring 3-5cm in length.



Fruit affected by fruit flies can be normal on the outside but be brown on the inside. If unsure whether the fruit is good or not, throw it away.


Extra Bit: The Queensland fruit fly is similar in appearance to a wasp. It is red-brown in colour with oval shaped yellow markings. They are attracted to grape fruits and lemons. Be careful.


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