Top 10 Coolest Costume Party Ideas

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Costume parties are usually some of the most entertaining events to take part in. However, when you are selecting the costume, it can be quite tricky. The ideal costume is one that makes you the center of attention at a costume party. To achieve this, you have to select a costume that goes with the theme of the costume party but does not look too obvious. It is advisable to avoid popular selections such as witches, aliens, vampires and such things. If you are wondering how you can get to that point, here are the ten coolest costume ideas for a costume party.


1. Suggestion box:

This one is easy and you can make it yourself. Find a box that is large enough to wear over your body. Cut holes out for your arms and legs. You can then attach a box of pens and writing papers at the top of the box. Make a slit at the top of the box for the submission of suggestions. Make it more fun by reading out the suggestions as you receive them.


2. Jail house Lindsay Lohan:

This is a great idea if you love making fun of celebrity mishaps. All you need here is an orange jumpsuit, cuffs and a blonde wig. You can make the look more real with some really heavy bottom lip liner, cheap spray tan and eyeliner, drawing freckles will be awesome. A zip lock baggie with aspirin and a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels will also be great.


3. Mad scientist:

Use gel to make your hair stick up. Get a pair of very thick glasses and wear dark eye shadow around the eyes. Powder your face until it looks caked; get a lab coat and some beakers or other scientific stuff. Splatter chemicals of different colors on your coat.


4. Santa on vacation:

Buy or if you have one, use a Santa costume; that is the wig, beard and hat. Get an extra-large Hawaiian shirt and stuff it with a pillow to make a fake belly. Add a tropical drink with an umbrella in it and wear shades.


5. Double rainbow:

Use a poster to make two rainbows. Attach them to both sides of your shoulders and then wear hippie clothes like a hiker. Get clear glue and paste fake tears on both sides of your face.


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