Top 10 Coolest Costume Party Ideas

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6. Naughty husband:

This will work if you are going for an adult costume party. Wear pants and a dress shirt that is half untucked. Muss up your hair and spray on some cheap perfume. Have someone make fake lipstick marks on your neck and shirt. Ensure you wear a wedding ring.


7. Titanic non-survivor:

An old bridesmaids dress or suit that imitates the 1900 dress code will be good for this one. Add an old life vest with the word titanic on it and wear it around your neck. Add sparkling white powder to your clothes. White and bluish makeup that makes you look dead will complete the look.


8. Queen bee:

This is awesome for a kid’s party. Get an extra-large white or yellow shirt. Use a marker to draw horizontal lines across it. Use fluff or pillows to stuff it. Wear leggings on your legs and attach antenna to your head.


9. Jeannie and Major Nelson:

The girl wears pink and red harem pants. A headband and hair in a ponytail is awesome. The guy wears a blue military uniform.


10. Siamese twins:

Simply use Velcro to attach your clothes together or get an xxxL shirt and wear it together.


Post wriiten by Melissa Davis on behalf of Costume Collection.

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