Top 10 Common Pests That You Find In Your Home

Home pests are a big headache to most home owners and apart from endangering human health they can cause a big damage to one’s property. It is thus important for you to prevent them from infesting your home by any means available. The following is a comprehensive list of the top ten common pests that you’re likely to find in your home and how to get rid of each one of them.


1. Flies

Flies are among the most common types of pests that thrive in our homes. They are found all over the place; on the walls, on the ceiling, around the sink e.t.c these types of pests are mainly interested in food and in some instances they can bite or sting. Chemical sprays are a good way to get rid of flies at home; you can also hirer professional pest control services for an effective job.


2. Ants

Ants are also very common in most homes. Just like the flies, these pests enter the house in search of food. If you leave a tiny piece of candy on the table for about a day, these pests will probably be there the next morning struggling to transport it to their colony bit by bit. Normally ants don’t come to your home to eat instead they come to hunt and then take their catch back to their colony. Thus the best way to get rid of them is by finding and eliminating their main colony. You can use ant products to completely get rid of these insects.


3. Wasp

Though most of the time you’ll find these insects in the garden, once in a while you’ll find them terrorizing your house in search of sugar and candy (sweet food). Unlike other pests wasps have a very dangerous sting. Normally, they’re found in colonies of up to 25000 wasps. Their most ideal habitat is in the bushes, underground and in wall cavities. You can get rid of these insects using wasps spray products and wasp nests.


4. Rats

Rats are a common phenomenon in most homes. Though they prefer living outdoors, these pests can cause a huge damage to your property and food. Rats also spread dangerous disease thus endangering your family’s health. The most effective ways of getting rid of rats is by using rat traps and other rat extermination products.


5. Spiders

The fifth most common pest in homes is the spider. Though in many cases these pests tend to be harmless, they definitely are feared by many. To get rid of spiders in your house, you need to use an effective chemical spray. You also need to eliminate bushes and shrubs in your compound.


6. Bedbugs

These are among the most persistent pests in most homes. They mainly thrive inside narrow and dark crevices or under the carpets. They survive on human blood and thus pose a big risk to your family’s health. Though they’re a bit difficult to control, you can use bed-bug sprays and vacuum cleaners to eradicate them from your house.


7. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are also a common feature in most homes. They prefer to live in dark places especially in warm houses, wall cavities and kitchens. They rule the kitchen by night feeding on any leftovers. If left uncontrolled, these pests can spread dangerous diseases to your family. One can get rid of cockroaches using chemical sprays.


8. Moths

Moths are a common bother in most households. Once their eggs hatch, caterpillars take over our homes and start destroying carpets, upholstery and clothes. It is thus very important to get rid of moths in time so as to prevent a huge loss of property in the long run. Moths can be eliminated by getting rid of contaminated food and larger pests such as rats and mice.


9. Mosquitoes

These bloodsuckers are a big risk once they infest your home. Apart from being a common nuisance some of them transmit harmful diseases through their itchy bites. Mosquitoes can be eliminated using a mosquito swatter and chemical repellents.


10. Mice

Mice are mainly found indoors especially around corners and tight places. They pose a big threat to cereals and can also spread harmful diseases. You can get rid of them using poisonous baits and electronic pest repellents.


From this comprehensive insight on home pests, you can now be in a position to deal with any of the mentioned pests in your home easily. If you find it a bit difficult, do not hesitate to hire pest control services to handle the job for you. We suggest annual pest control maintenance in any home to secure that most of these pests won’t be visiting you.


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