Top 10 Diseases in the World Caused by Bugs

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6. Babesiosis

This disease is spread by the bite of an infected deer tick. If the tick is attached to your skin for at least 24-36 hours, the germs will spread. Mild symptoms may appear after 1 to 8 weeks and they can last for several months. Those with weakened symptoms may develop potentially dangerous symptoms. Among the possible signs are fever, headache, fatigue and nausea.


7. Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis

Deer tick can also spread this disease through blood sucking. The bacteria carried by these ticks infect the white blood cells. If you’ve been diagnosed with this disease, you are likely to experience fever, headache, chills and shaking.


8. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Beware of this disease because it has been reported to be the most lethal rickettsial illness in the US! Dermacentor ticks are the culprits. If you are experiencing a sudden onset of fever, headache and muscle pain, consult a doctor.


9. Boutonneuse Fever

Your dog ticks can be dangerous. The bite looks like a black ulcerous crust. But no worries, if you are diagnosed early enough, you will live. Symptoms include high fevers and muscular pains. You must undergo incubation for seven days for the signs to show up.


10. African Tick Bite Fever

Not because it is named African, it means the United States is safe. This is another disease caused by a tick bite. As the name implies, it is characterized by high fever. Additional symptoms are rashes and muscle pain.


Some of these diseases look and sound horrible however many of them can be avoided by using basic pest control services to rid yourself of the possibility of illness or worse. It is worth it to yourself and your family to be aware of the small dangers and protect yourself!


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