Top 10 Ways To Share Secrets

Secrets; what are they good for? They ruin relationships, friendships and even the person keeping it. How do people express secrets and share them? Let’s take a look.


1. Telephone/Text Messages:

This one I have to put as number one. Not only do I see private school principals as unprofessional but rip-offs. I applied to teach high school English. I asked for a specific salary in teaching the course over the summer. This principal calls me up the next day saying I got the job; however, he wants to offer me $2000 for the whole month. I would be working 5 days a week/7 hours a day, driving 40 km in total, plus completing marking. I was flabbergasted beyond words. I did some more investigation. The principal charges $1,300 for the course (email anonymously sent the day before). There are 10 students in the class and he pays his instructor only $2000.

So what is the secret, you may ask? When I started negotiating my wages, he hung up. A few minutes later he texted me, revealing a secret which was a load of bologna as I caught him in a lie. This was his attempt to persuade me. I never took the job, but wanted to offer a hankie.


2. Postcard:

People do have a tendency to put their secrets on a postcard. They would draw, illustrate their own art, write something on the back and they would also mail it into to someone who cares like Frank Warren at One woman wrote on a post card that she is obsessed with taking pregnancy tests. It is the 3 most hopeful moments of her day.


3. Suicide Note:

Being a homosexual teenager is not that easy these days. Many people do not share the same views as homosexuals and resort to bullying. Jamey Rodemayer, Phillip Parker and Kenneth Weishuhn Jr.,  to name a few, were hit by bullying and committed suicide. One teenager even wrote on his suicide note to his parents admitting to the fact that he was gay. His parents would have supported him and his decision and felt sorry that they could not help.

Bullying in the cases of transgendered, bisexual, homosexuals and lesbians is growing. Many teenagers hear slurs like homo, sissy 26 times a day and once every 14 minutes. Often gay teens are subjected to intense bullying and are unable to receive an adequate education.


4. Coffee Cup:

There are ways to reveal secrets through coffee cups. One man sent Frank Warren a coffee cup saying that he pours decaf for all uptight customers. Weird as this is considered cheating customers out of requests.


5. Confessions:

If you are Roman Catholic you are in luck. You can confess and tell all in enclosed booths called confessionals or oratories. The priest or penitent are in separate compartments and speak to you through a grid.


6. Dollar Bill:

People also love posting their secrets on dollar bills. One person wrote to that “We are all part of something bigger. We are all part of it together”. One thing that I should say is that dollar bills do get lost quite easily and it’s not always good to write an idea on there. You may need that bill later on to buy something or complete a transaction.


7. Online:

You sometimes need to let out your burned out fuse. There are website which may help you share include and All secrets are kept safe.


8. Art:

Many children and also adults express their feeling through art. For example, a child I know would utilize a red crayon to illustrate her feelings, specifically a car accident she was involved in. Teachers and parents need to provide ample opportunities for children to express themselves; otherwise they may not have an outlet for expressing their feelings.


9. Video:

One of my friends mentioned that videos are good to share secrets. These videos would serve as a goodbye if the person making it would die.


10. Forum:

On you can find a blog you can share their secrets. People can comment and provide feedback.



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