The 10 Amazing Places to See Before You Say Good Bye

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6. Serengeti Wildlife Park, Tanzania

Probably the best known wildlife reserve in the world, the most famous event here is the wildebeest migration. The diverse habitats found here are home to several species like gazelles, wildebeest, and many other large herbivores, lions, baboons, elephants, rhinos, hippos, leopards and so on. The landscape was formed by volcanic activity and the eco-system is extremely well preserved.

7. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The scintillating architecture and picturesque canals of this beautiful city are reasons enough for you to visit. If you love to party, then you’ll never feel like leaving. Amsterdam is a wonderful blend of ancient and the modern.

8. Switzerland

Did you seriously think I was going to leave this one out? Snow, exotic cheeses, melt-in-the-mouth-chocolates, indescribably beautiful lakes and valleys! Need I say more? Definitely worth couple of weeks of your life!

9. Greece

For its ancient history, the Olympics, the wonderful Mediterranean weather and the beautiful people; lot of natural beauty and historic sites you can enjoy.

10. Australia

Again a whole lot to cover here; snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef is something you must experience. Natural beauty, the nightlife, and the Sydney Opera House are the top attractions. Don’t forget the Outback and the steak houses.


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