Top 10 Reasons To Make Your Own Baby Food

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6. Minimize nitrate and pesticide exposure

Going with organic, home grown or local, pesticide free produce means your baby has the needed building blocks to grow into a healthy adult. To make sure you minimize your baby’s nitrate exposure you can test your water, and try using fresh vegetables as soon as you get them into your kitchen (as nitrate concentration increases over time). Using frozen vegetables is another option. If you do buy commercial, baby food companies do test their product and most store bought brands should have a safe level of these chemicals. Finally, read labels as organic vegetables tend to have less nitrates and pesticides.


7. Nutritious

Using fresh ingredients, makes sure that what you make is nutritious. You can also add in some extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil or coconut oil for that extra boost. There are many options to make sure you maximize the nutrient content of your food so that your baby gets everything she needs. If you start out with fresh nutritious food, your tot would be more open to try a variety of fresh foods when she grows up.


8. Organic and natural

Babies consume more vegetables and fruit than adults, and thus end up taking in more pesticides per pound of weight than adults. Organic foods tend to have less chemicals and pesticides, and you can select from organic chicken, milk and eggs, to fruits and vegetables. According to US standards, organic foods are not genetically modified (GMO), which some may argue is another benefit of going organic. One of my favorite recipes is to steam several organic fruits and vegies, and put them through a blender with organic goat milk.


9. Environmentally friendly

You can make food from locally grown produce, thus supporting your community and the local farmer. Another benefit is that making your own baby food requires no extra packaging to dispose of. Just think about it, no need to purchase food in jars, cans and plastic containers. Not only do you save the environment, you are able to reuse and recycle right in your own kitchen.


10. Cost effective

One of the most important issues is cost. Making your own baby food can give you a great bang for your buck. Should a tiny jar of peas cost you a dollar or more? Have you wondered how many peas and carrots you can make at home when you use similar ingredients in your fridge and freezer for the same amount of money? You can even make a bit extra and freeze for when you are in a crunch.

 By Alina R.

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