Top 10 Superstitious Celebrities

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6. Missy Elliot:

This singer and actress is against a black cat crossing one’s path. She recommends that anyone who sees a black cat, should go home, even if they are going somewhere. Interestingly enough, this is a superstition only believed in United States and Europe. In Japan this is considered good luck.


7. Michael Jordan:

This is the man that defied rules of the games of Basketball. He wore black shoes every game when they only allowed white. He also wore his lucky North Carolina shorts underneath his Bull shorts. He was a champ, so maybe his superstitions were real.


8. Kristin Chenoweth:

Chenoweth has a fear of walking under ladders. This is a very common superstition that many believe in. It stipulates that it is bad luck and will cause something to be fallen on you. Another explanation has to do with life. In many religions the symbol of life is a triangle. When a ladder is against the wall, it forms a triangle. Anyone walking beneath the triangle disrupts life.


9. Emma Roberts:

This actress, model and singer also believes in the superstition behind ladders. She is the daughter of Eric Roberts and is best known for her role as Addie Singer in Unfabulous, a Nickelodeon television series.


10. Angela Kinsey:

Jennifer Aniston is not the only one to believe in superstitions about airplanes. This actress gives a plane a little pat before getting on. The actress is best known for her role of the uptight accountant Angela Martin on 0ffice.


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