Top 10 Bands Everyone Grew Tired Of

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Perhaps the media is to blame for this, but certain musicians are simply over commercialized and the only thing they manage to do is annoy you whenever you hear their songs. Sure, the bands/musicians are amazing, creative and innovative. How else would their songs be able to make such a strong impression on their fans? Nonetheless, music is a field where the saying “too much of a good thing is not a good thing anymore” applies very well. Let’s review the musicians that have become outworn.


1. Nirvana

Even though nobody can deny the genius of Kurt Cobain and can easily forgive the repetitiveness of the genre, the constant abuse of the band’s hits is enough to get on the nerves of even the biggest Nirvana fan. In addition to hearing the same Nirvana hits in most pubs and bars, there is another reason why people grew tired of the band. With Cobain’s death, the band became what the lead singer hated most: a corporate enterprise that inspired other punk rock bands to sell out and transform into commodities.


2. AC/DC

All critics admit the level of creativity AC/DC brought to the music world with just three chords and the famous bludgeoning riffs. On the other hand, this is also the precise reason why these rock kings made it in the top of the bands everyone grew weary of. Some rock fans will even go so far as to state that AC/DC represents the last pulse of classic rock music, let’s just say that they do not deserve to be on the pedestal media gave them. Especially not after agreeing to have avatars in Guitar Heroes!


3. Nickelback

In all honesty, Nickelback is the most disturbing example of a band that is out for the money and not for the music and fans. Even though they started as a grunge, they soon transformed into a pop band with extremely low standards even for this genre. True, their terrible pop album sold around 8 billion copies in just two years. On the other hand, the overwhelming attention from the media and their inexplicable success in the LA clubs is one of the biggest music mysteries.


4. Metallica

The simple fact that there is not a person on this planet who hasn’t heard of Metallica nowadays is the living proof that rock fans no longer appreciate them. Despite the common belief, Metallica did not reinvent thrash metal and are not that major creative influence they are advertised to be. While nobody contests the genius of their first albums, the last ones are hollow both lyrically and musically to say the least.


5. The Beach Boys

Yes, they practically invented California rock, yes, they made Smile and yes, they managed to create the catchiest songs the music world has witnessed. But all that happened in the 1960s! Listening closer, you will discover that the catchy songs and rhythms are indistinguishable among each other and that their influence in music has long ceased to exist.


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