Top 10 Facts About Volunteering For A Medical Trial

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Despite the rapid advances of the last century, the medical profession still doesn’t know everything about the human body’s response to disease, so it’s vital to continue studying how disease impacts the body and to develop the drugs that will fight disease and prolong life. The way this is done is through medical trials. Every drug must be rigorously tested before being granted a licence. Part of that process is to carry out trials with healthy human volunteers and this is how it works.


1. Applying is Simple

The process of applying for the Volunteer Panel involves a few forms and takes about six weeks. You’ll be invited to a medical screening and once your application is approved, you will be contacted


2. Free MOT

As part of the application process, volunteers receive a thorough medical screening to identify any obvious or underlying problems, prior to being accepted on to the panel, or into a specific trial.


3. Paid

Those participating in a Healthy Volunteer trial are paid an honorarium for between £50 and £2000, depending on the length of their commitment. Travel expenses are also paid. In cases where volunteers leave the trial early, their honorarium is reduced.


4. Second Income

With an opportunity to participate up to four times a year, some people use paid medical trials as a second income.


5. Access to New Drugs for your Condition

If you are invited to participate in a condition specific trial – say, for asthma, or diabetes – you won’t receive payment, but you will have access to new and perhaps better treatment which could bring marked benefits to your condition.


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