Top 10 Apple Apps Making Millions

Wondering which Apple apps are popular? No need to speculate anymore. Here is the list of 10 apple apps making millions.


1. Angry Birds Space ($0.99 for iPod & iPhone; $2.99 for iPad):

Angry Birds Space developer Rovio claimed a total of 10 million downloads in three days in March of 2012. The company announced this on its Twitter feeds soon afterwards.

No other game spread as fast as Angry Birds. Available on almost all platforms, Angry Birds Space beat every records, keeping at the front end of best-selling applications as managed to bring freshness to the game? I invite you to review.

Compatibility: iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone


2. Draw Something ($0.99):

This application was developed by Omgpop. It won a Flurry App Spotlight Award in 2012. Massive performance improvements were made to this app recently. It now includes a new opening video and excludes balloons.

In the first weeks after launch, the game was downloaded 20 million times. Within 50 days it was downloaded a total of 50 million times. Zynga bought the game and Omgpop for $180 million. It would not be surprising if this app made 6 figures in the first year.

Come show your creative side with this app. 2 users can draw a picture for everyone else to guess.

Compatibility: iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone; iOS4+


3. Hypstamatic ($1.99):

This is a digital photography application for the iPhone. It assists the iPhone camera in shooting square photographs. It also applies a number of software filters which make the photographs look as though they were taken with an antique camera.

The application is popular, selling 1.4 million times (November 2010). It also received recognition by New York times when Damon Winter used it for a story on the Afghanistan War. In 2011, it made $10 million in revenue from those that downloaded it and its services.

Compatibility: iPhone


4. iShoot ($2.99):

This app was named by Apple as one of the Top 10 paid apps of all time. It is an artillery combat game where tanks blast each other with a wide range of weapons from shells and cluster bombs to world-destroying shiva bombs. The developer, Ethan Nicholas, has stricken gold, and in fact had to quit his job to take on the role of app developer. He made $35,000 in one single day of sales that is after the Apple took its cut. Can you imagine how much he makes per year?

Compatibility: iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch


5. iFart ($0.99)

The app cuts out the most interesting farts for its listeners and provides the famous security fart feature which I totally recommend for those who wish to get the app. The maker of iFart Mobile, Joel Cunmm, has also created a framework which works inside of Apple`s SDK and allows them to release digital scents via the iPhone speakers. This is not all, in September of 2011, the company announced the Social Fart Icon. This allows users to share wonders with friends, family and other contacts. Using Facebook, email, Twitter, SMS and other social media platforms, people can now click on a link to hear the sounds. The app makes $10,000 a day according to

Compatibility: Any device and all operating systems.


6. Trism ($4.99)

This puzzle game has proven to be profitable for its developers. Steven Demeter claimed to have made $250,000 in profits within the first 2 months of sales in 2008. This is on top of the $5000 that is spent on developmental costs and on top of Apple`s 30% revenue take. Can you imagine how much he is making now?

Compatibility: iPad, iPhone


7. Camera + ($1.99)

The standard camera in Apple products is a typical digital point-and-shoot. The Camera+ app, on the other hand, is like a high-quality SLR lens, transforming the original camera into a full studio. One of the best features of the app is the burst mode for action shots, an image stabilizer and a timer for self-portraits. It is well worth the money to download.

To date, Camera+ has earned its company, TapTapTap, $5.1 million in revenue. This revenue has been calculated since its release in June 2010. This is impressive and is expected to dominate the market in the near future. This inference is made upon the 6 million sales the app made since the release of the app.

Compatibility: iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone


8. iMockups

This app for iPads affords web designers and web developers with the ability to quickly draft wireframes for their websites and apps. It has an excellent interface with an intuitive practicality. The touch screen device is taken advantage of to the fullest capacity.

Endloop Mobile built the application with hopes of releasing it when iPads hit the market. As of September 2011, the application has made $300,000 in revenue. It also reached a total of million downloads. With the release of this app and Angry Birds, the company won awards for Top Paid Game and Top Paid App, both at no.1.

Compatibility: iPad


9. Car Locator ($0.99)

This is one of the most useful apps ever. It helps you track your car wherever you last left it. Losing your car is not an option with this app.

This is a big time-saver, allowing you to use the camera and compass to produce an AR overlay and to map out the exact location of your car. Users can even include notes when delineating the location; making this even more idiot-proof.

The app is popular on both Apple and Androids. On Androids it makes approximately $13,000 a month.

Compatibility: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. Requires iOS 5.0 or later


10. Infinity Blades ($6.99)

Epic Games announced in January of 2012 that the Infinity Blade franchise earned over $30 million since the launch in December 2010. Infinity Blade 2 is now available for $6.99 on the iOS App Store. It has generated over $5 million for the developer.

Compatibility: iOS Platforms


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