Top 10 Celebrity Stunts Gone Wrong

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Not all films go as planned. Many celebrities are not the heroes they want people to think of them as in movies. Throughout history, we have lost a number of talented actors and actresses due to errors on the set. We also almost lost a number of actresses, who we cannot think of losing at this moment due to their fame. Let’s take a look at those who tried to aim for the impossible and bit the bullet.


1. Vic Morrow, Myca Dinh Le & Renee Shi Yi Chen:

The Twilight Zone: The Movie was supposed to be a hit produced by Steven Spielberg and John Landis. It was one of the most anticipated movies people were dying to watch. During a filming segment, Vic Morrow, Myca Dinh Le & Renee Shi Yi Chen died in a freak show accident. A helicopter used on the set was flying at an altitude too low. Spinning out of control, it decapitated Morrow and Le. It also crushed Chen too death. All onboard survived, sustaining minor injuries.


2. Owen Hart:

As kids my brother and I grew up watching WWF and WCW. Owen Hart and his brother Bret were our favourites. We often would mimic the moves we saw on television. We truly admired and looked up to the Harts. As we now settle down, we begin to comprehend the dangers of violence on television and its portrayal.

We were sitting on a couch getting ready to watch the fight between Owen Hart and the Godfather on pay-per-view. Both were excited, wishing our favourite contender nothing but luck. We were even more excited about his entrance as he was lowered into the ring on a harness. Sadly the harness dropped him too early. Hart fell 78 feet into the ring chest first and on the rope before falling onto the ring.

We were excited to see that Hart was conscious after the fall. He was sitting up. Our mouths dropped as he lost conscious, where he was rushed to the hospital. He died on the arrival from internal bleeding. He left a wife and two young children behind.


3. Brandon Lee:

Brandon Lee was killed while filming a flashback scene. He was to walk into the room and notice Shelly is being attacked. The scene would also show a thug shooting Lee’s character as he walked into the room. The gun was loaded with “blanks”. Eric walked in and was shot as scripted. Somehow there was a malfunction and a bullet penetrated Brandon’s abdomen and lodged next to his vertebrae. Rushed to hospital, Lee died 13 hours later from extensive blood loss; he was only 28 years old.


4. Jon-Erik Hexum:

During the filming of “Cover UP” Hexuum fatally shot himself with a pistol loaded with blanks. He was joking around over the delays in the film. He held the gun to his head saying “Can you believe this crap?” before pulling the trigger. His skull was fractured and the bone fragment lodged itself into his brain causing a hemorrhage. He was only 26.

The show, Cover Up went on as planned throughout its first season. Only when a controversy ensued, unrelated to Hexuum, that ratings went down. The series was cancelled after its first season.


5. Angelina Jolie:

Jolie was lucky to have just received a scar after a set accident while filming the movie Salt. Jolie was performing her own stunts when she sliced open part of her face when tumbling into a doorway with a gun. Her role expected her to jump across the highway overpass and onto the semi-trucks. She was also required to perform hand-to-hand combat and a number of different weapons.


6. Gabriela Cedillo:

In 2010, 24 year old stunt double was on the set of Transformers 3 when she suffered a head injury while driving a car. She was struck by a cable that snapped and sliced through her car and sliced through her skull as well. She was put in a medically induced coma. The family took immediate action to sue Paramount. Paramount had agreed to pay her medical bills.


7. George Clooney:

Clooney is not as brave and poker face as we may think. During the filming of Syriana he suffered a spinal injury. He was performing a stunt that left him in pain for a number of weeks. The pain was pretty bad as he considered suicide at one point. He was quite open about the incident and was hospitalized for quite some time. He turned to alcohol to alleviate his pain and headaches.


8. Daniel Craig:

This new 007 James Bond is not as brave as he sounds on the big screen. Multiple injuries were sited on the set of Quantum of Solace. Firstly, Craig received a cut to the face which required 8 stitches and plastic surgery to cover it up. Later on during the filming, he cut off the tip of one of his fingers and was rushed to the hospital. That did not stop him from filming, Craig returned the same day. But his bad luck did not stop there as he received six pins to his right arm after suffering a “slap tear” in his shoulder.


9. Nicole Kidman:

Kidman is famous for many roles, most notably the one she played in Moulin Rouge. Despite the success of the film, she suffered a large accident. She broke one of her ribs and tore a cartilage during the filming of the 2004 musical.


10. The Conqueror’s Cast:

The film was being filmed in Utah, 137 miles away from the government’s test site. One by one, cast and crew mates (91 in total) would be diagnosed with cancer related to the filming of the Conquerer. John Wayne, Susan Hayward, Agnes Moorehead, John Hoyt all died of cancers that others speculated to have been caused by the location of filming. Dick Powell, the director also died of cancer. The producer, Howard Hughes, hated the film so much that he bought all the copies of the film and refused to show them.


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