Top 10 Most Guarded Places On Earth

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6. Federal Reserve Bank, NY

Well, given the fact that the Federal Reserve Bank in New York is said to contain approximately 25% of the world’s gold, the extreme security measures come as natural. If you are thinking of robbing this bank, think again, as the vault is located eighty feet below the street level and about fifty feet below sea level. Not to mention that the perimeter of the facility is constantly being patrolled by armed officers with marksmanship training.


7. Air Force One

The Air Force One project is designed to become a mobile White House for the US president in case of any serious threat. What makes the presidential urgency jet highly secure is that it does not need to land in order to refill the fuel tank. Other interesting facts about Air Force One is the fact that all the equipment found aboard is coated with an electromagnetic pulse shield, it can fly through highly irradiated zones (in case of nuclear attack), it is able to jam radars, it can deploy heat-seeking missiles, and etc.


8. The Alcatraz of the Rockies

The Alcatraz of the Rockies is the most guarded prison on the planet and the holding place of the most ruthless criminals and terrorists. It is necessary to mention that the cells found in this prison are completely made from concrete and the few windows incorporated only provide a view of the sky. The inmates are mostly kept in solitary confinement and they cannot make any move without triggering the multitude of motion detectors. Not that anyone would try anything considering the massive steel doors, the various gun towers and the watch dogs that are trained to attack at any sign of an escapee.


9. Bold Lane Car Park

You can call it good business practices, but the Bold Lane parking garage is one of the safest facilities on Earth. In order to gain access to the facility, first you need to purchase a barcode ticket, which also indicates your exact parking spot. Once you park the car, the motion detectors become active and will sound the alarm if something happens to the automobile when the driver is not there. They even have an emergency system that locks down the building after a few seconds. All of these as well as many other security features (most of them undisclosed to the public) have kept this place incident free for over a decade.


10. Haven Co

If you are looking for the ultimate data protection service, then try Haven Co, a company that was located somewhere in the North Sea. Their security protocol is so strict that the only way you can gain access aboard is if you are a member of the British Royal family, one of the company’s investors or an authorized member of the staff. On a side note, I mentioned it was in the North Sea because the company allegedly closed down without any explanation in 2008.


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