Top 10 Most Delicious Exotic Fruits

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Exotic holiday destinations are not all about sunbathing and diving into crystal clear waters, but also about trying new things. Irrespective of whether you are fond of dainties or not, one of the things you should not pass on when travelling to exotic location is the local cuisine.

Granted, not everyone can think of food when the weather outside exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, if you are looking for something refreshing, you can always taste the exotic fruits that are usually available in such destination. Here is a top 10 list of the most delicious exotic fruits you absolutely must indulge in.


1. Passion fruit

The passion fruit can be described as the edible part of the passion flower and it is mostly grown in South America, particularly in the regions between Brazil to Paraguay. An interesting fact about the passion fruit consists in the fact that it is commonly utilized in other juices in order to boost their flavor. The vast majority of people who tried it state that its taste is slightly bitter. However, it is necessary to mention that the bitter taste is due to the seeds, which can be easily removed by pressing the soft, juicy interior through a small strainer.


2. Star fruit

Many people who have tasted a star fruit came to the conclusion that it has an extremely interesting flavor. While some describe the taste as a combination of plums, pineapple and lemons, others state that the star fruit reminds them more of a mixture containing kiwis, pineapples and apples. Maybe, the unique taste experience is what determines some to make wine out of it. The fruit is an excellent choice for people who are on a diet and prefer having a low-calorie (under 30 calories) sweet desert.


3. Kumquat

The kumquat does not look like much, considering that they are as small as an olive and appear to resemble miniature oranges. However, this fruit has its own unique citrus taste and you can eat it along with the peel. In fact, eating the fruit this way is highly advisable, since the sweetest part is actually the peel. As a side note, even though they are commonly found in supermarkets, the truth is that the fresh crops native to China have a completely different aroma than the kumquats available in markets.


4. Dragon fruit

Perhaps because it is part of a cactus species, the dragon fruit looks like a plant from an alien world. However, once you cut it, you will discover a creamy and delicious pulp that reminds you of melon or a combination between a melon and a kiwi. The dragon fruit commonly grows across various regions of Central America, the most delicious fruit being the red variety from Mexico. An interesting fact about the dragon fruit is that you can also eat its flowers raw or use them for tea.


5. African cucumber

If you are familiar with the over the counter weight loss supplements, then it is very probable that you heard of the African cucumber by now. However, just because it is the main active ingredient of a weight loss supplement that does not automatically mean its taste is bland. In fact, the dark green pulp of this fruit is a mixture that combines the tastes of bananas, cucumber, passion fruit and limes. The vast majority of people who savored it said that you have no other options but to fall in with it love or hate on the spot.


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