Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Procrastination

Procrastinators, as psychologists call them, are people who constantly make decisions that interfere with their overall performance and that have a negative impact on their lives. Without further ado, let's review both the positive and negative effects of procrastination, in no particular order by looking at facts about this lazy activity!

Top 10 Celebrity Stunts Gone Wrong

Not all films go as planned. Many celebrities are not the heroes they want people to think of them as in movies. Throughout history, we have lost a number of talented actors and actresses due to errors on the set. We also almost lost a number of actresses, who we cannot think of losing at this moment due to their fame. Let’s take a look at those who tried to aim for the impossible and bit the bullet.

Top 10 False Beliefs About Medication And Drugs

Over the years, numerous myths and false notions concerning drugs – both prescribed and non-prescribed – have become more and more imbedded in people's minds. Whether as a result of the advertisement campaigns in the social media or their integration within popular culture, most of us take drug issues too lightly and we are not always familiar with the risks and the negative side effects involved.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Try Karaoke

Karaoke is definitely something you should experience at least once in your life. What do you have to lose anyways? And if it goes well, you might just discover a brand-new hobby that will keep you entertained for years. Here are some reasons why you should pick up the microphone and give karaoke a shot.

Top 10 Facts About Volunteering For A Medical Trial

Despite the rapid advances of the last century, the medical profession still doesn’t know everything about the human body’s response to disease, so it’s vital to continue studying how disease impacts the body and to develop the drugs that will fight disease and prolong life.

Top 10 Global Thinkers of 2012

There some thinkers who are aiming to be global figures. They aim to change the world and the way we do things for the better. This article shows some of the accomplishments the following people made with the spread of globalization.

Top 10 Silly Conspiracy Theories

The appeal of conspiracy theories is not that strange if you think about. People see patterns everywhere and hence, want to connect the dots of random events. In addition, it is rather simple to do so if the conspiracy is presented along with clear evidence of things that people already believe is true. However, supporting the authenticity of these patterns has certain limits that once broken can easily enter the realm of ridiculousness. Let's explore the top 10 silliest conspiracy theories people accept as true nowadays.

Top 10 Bands Everyone Grew Tired Of

Perhaps the media is to blame for this, but certain musicians are simply over commercialized and the only thing they manage to do is annoy you whenever you hear their songs. Sure, the bands/musicians are amazing, creative and innovative. How else would their songs be able to make such a strong impression on their fans?